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Partner Meeting in Florence,  on the November 29, at Giunti Publisher about “The Publishers and the new e-publishing era”

The meeting took place in Florence has addressed the issue of changes in the world of publishing industry.

The engineer Alessandro Campi, director of the project “digitization” of Giunti Publisher has explained how to change the manufacturing process in the industry. The engineer Alessandro Campi pointed out that some professionals are disappearing (e.g. printer) and mainly are changing the professions of “intermediation”.

The author of a publication can apply directly to his audience and overcome the role of the publisher. But many problems remain open: for example, there are no standards shared by all the new “e-publishers”,  many publishers (or virtual distribution marketplace as Amazon) force people  to use their hardware to be able to use their digital contents  … etc …

The “digital revolution” in publishing is still in its initial stage but involves issues related to copyright, the scientific validation, methods of use, the “construction” of a culture accessible to all citizens, the power of the new online-marketplace, etc… .

What is sure, is the fact that “writing and reading” will face with new approach in a few years and the jobs linked to this industry will be forced to change their approach. An example of a revolution in the writing is represented from Wikipedia: Dr. Susanna Giaccai – member of the board of wikipedia Italian Italian – he explained how it works and check the correctness of the content of wikipedia. Susanna Giaccai gave examples of work, implying “from” how does a virtual editing board.

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